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Journaling to Reframe

From stream of consciousness “brain dumps” to structured journaling prompts… Learn about different styles of journaling and try them out for yourself. Journaling can be a great way to “get out” difficult thoughts and feelings, or see a situation in a new light 

Yoga for mental health

Some people say yoga is an excellent way of being mindful and looking after our mental health. Our facilitators are trained yoga teachers who also work in mental health, youth work & peer support.

Calming through the Senses

Learn about how your body and senses can help regulate your emotion in this fun hands-on workshop. Try out different sensory tools to feel calmer or more energised, and make your own glitter jars to take home.

Foundations to Wellbeing

A crash course on all things mental health and wellbeing – what are emotions and why do we have them (and why are they so big and awful sometimes)? How  can we look after ourselves and our friends? This course can be 4 or 6 sessions long and includes making stress balls, glitter jars, adventuring, art, and eating chocolate 

The therapeutic power of poetry

Join local poets who have their own experiences of mental health challenges to explore how creative writing can be a powerful way to express yourself and tell your story – whether that’s just for yourself, or for the world to hear

Understanding Self-Harm

We’re tackling this taboo topic in a 2 part workshop designed to understand why people self-harm, and develop practical skills, tools and alternatives for dealing with the urge to self-harm. Whether you’re interested for your own recovery, or are supporting someone else  – come along. 

Eco-anxiety & global citizenship

It’s hard not to feel anxious when overwhelmed with news of climate crisis. In this workshop we explore how to avoid getting paralysed by the fear we can experience. Find out ways to channel your energy into meaningful action to feel connected and effective

Street photography & mindfulness

Learn practical photography skills from someone who has had their own journey with mental health recovery. How might the slowing down and taking notice required by photography help us feel more grounded and reslient? In this 4 session course we’ll be getting out and taking photos on cell phones or cameras to practise 

Strengths & Values

Going through mental health struggles there can be so much focus on “what’s wrong?” This 2 part workshop is about reframing this question – everyone has unique things to offer – discover your strengths and what really matters to you

how do i get through
Creating a Crisis Coping Kete

Have something to turn to when things get too much. This is a creative 2 part workshop where we will be exploring what helps us feel grounded in a crisis, what do we need to see, feel, hear? We’ll be making personlised bags or boxes to store everything we need to get through the hardest times

Sex, lies & snapchat

Navigating peer pressure, relationships, sexuality privacy breaches, and expectations in a hyper-connected world is hard work and can take a toll on mental health and wellbeing. This workshop aims to give people a space to talk about the issues they face, and find a way through with confidence and strength 

Alcohol drugs and mental health

This is a 2 part workshop to explore in a non-judgmental setting why people use alcohol or drugs to get through difficult emotions or experiences, and how using substances can impact on mental health. Learn about possibilities for change, or how to support yourself and others when it’s their drinking or drug use that you’re worried about

Youth Conversation Cafe

People who have gone through tough times develop wisdom. Our youth wisdom conversation cafes are a chance to share knowledge from your journey and make a difference. Snacks, hot drinks and big questions provided – like “what causes mental health struggles” “what support should be there for young people” and “what would you share with other people if you knew they were heading into similar challenging places you’ve been?” 

Physical theatre
Telling your story through physical theatre

Want to develop some performance skills in a safe and fun environment that will help you find your creative voice? Play, connect and create striking mini theatre scenes through exploring shared stories together. Using the body to follow your own impulses can be extremely mindful, playful and exhilarating! Everybody has a story to tell, exploring and bringing them to light can be extremely empowering. No prior experience needed

Make your own Weighted Soft Toy

 Weighted toy animals are fun, snuggly, and because they are much heavier than regular toys, they can help with us calm and sooth ourselves when we’re stressed, distressed or feeling like things are getting too much (science shows that having weighted props on us helps kick our calming systems into action). Come along to this one-off workshop where all sewing materials and toys are provided.

Creating Body Maps

Get creative and learn something about yourself. Body maps is an art activity using giant paper to trace a life-size outline of your body. Support from artist and youth mental health facilitators is on hand to help work out how to illustrate your image to show your thoughts, feelings, memories, identity, hopes and dreams. 

Art for Healing

This course is a free-flow opportunity to spend time exploring your creativity. Try out different art forms, or stick to one you love. We will have a space set up with lots of different paper, paints, collage materials, pastels, pencils etc. Our facilitators are art tutors and people who have used art in their own healing journey through mental health challenges.

Telling your story to create change

Do you want to use your experiences to make difference? Maybe you want to help your family or friends be more accepting, maybe you want to write submissions to government on mental health policy, or perhaps you’re thinking about writing your life story (so far!) Join our facilitators who are writers, activists and personal story-tellers in this workshop