Our Frequently Asked Questions section is here to provide more information about our organisations and programs - if you have a question that's not answered here feel free to get in touch

  1. Who can come to Reframe Wānanga courses or workshops?

    Courses and workshops are open to all young people in Canterbury aged 13(ish) to 24(ish) – if you fall just outside of this age group, get in touch and we can chat about options. Because all of our courses are self-enrolment, you don’t need a referral to attend. We welcome all young people to take part, whether your interest in mental health and wellbeing comes from wanting to support your friends, or whether you’re keen to grow your own tools to get through big emotional experiences. We’re trying to get our courses out to spaces like inpatient mental health services as well, so that everyone can have an opportunity to take part. Support people are also welcome to attend at the invitation of a young person coming along. Support people might include friends, partners, parents, other family members, mentors, support workers, mental health case managers, or anyone else who you want there to support you!

  2. What courses do you run?

    A full list of course can be found on our course info page. All our courses aim to provide opportunities for discussion and practical life skills to support mental health and wellbeing. Some of our courses that are finished or under development include:

    • Art and wellbeing
    • Understanding self harm
    • Strengths and values
    • Therapeutic power of poetry
    • Foundations to wellbeing
    • Street photography and mindfulness
    • Soothing through our senses
    • Yoga for mental health
    • Affirmations
    • Journalling to reframe
    • Creating a coping kete
    • Sex lies and snapchat
    • Eco-anxiety and global citizenship

  3. Does it cost to take part?

    Nope – all our courses and workshops are free to attend

  4. Can you cater to different learning and support needs e.g. people with dyslexia, big anxiety...

    Yes – we want all courses and workshops to be as accessible and supportive as possible. When you enrol in a course, one of our peer coaches will get in touch to check in and will ask if there is anything we can do to support you to take part and get the most out of being involved. If you want to chat before signing up for a course, feel free to contact us by email or phone

  5. Who are the course facilitators?

    All of our courses and workshops are co-delivered by two facilitators, bringing personal and professional expertise to the topic

  6. Can you create a course for my school/youth group/service?

    Yes – please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to talk about a course or workshop for young people you know

  7. I’m a mental health professional think this is great! How can I get involved?

    We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support! While we employ and contract peer facilitators to co-deliver workshops, our professional facilitators largely use their existing roles in the sector to contribute. If you think you could contribute some time, whether once a month or once a year, to helping run courses with us, we would love to hear from you! You might have an area of expertise that we don’t currently run courses around, or you might want to add your skills to an already developed workshop. Of course, we always appreciate people in the sector promoting our upcoming courses to young people you work with as well.  Please get in touch if you want to support with course development or facilitation